Pharmaceutical Plastic Containers

Planet India Remedies is Telangana based manufacturer, supplier of optimum quality Pharmaceutical Plastic Containers. Our range includes Tablet and Capsule Containers, Liquid Containers, Wide Mouth Container, Dry Syrup Containers as well as Containers for Bulk Packing. The said product is used for packaging of medicines, supplements, tablets, capsules, gel etc. in variable quantities as these containers comes in various customized sizes as well as shapes such as round, oval, handle, spray and more. Along with this, Pharmaceutical Plastic Containers guarantee long lasting service, crack/break resistance and made from biodegradable plastic which make this container absolutely safe to use. Our product range is available in customized prints, labels and colors also such as clear, white and amber as per the requirement and choice of the customer. These containers are integrated with easy pulling lids, rubber stopper, screw caps and more.